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Sure Football Predictions Games For Today 23-Jul-2019

Dates Matches Tips
Mexico - Paraguay
Peru - El Salvador
Omonia Nicosia - Doxa Kat
Werder Bremen - FC Augsbu
FC Chiasso - Servette FC

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About Football (Soccer) Prediction

football predictions

How to Win Football Predictions?

On our portal you can find football predictions/forecasts for the England Premier league and many other leagues in Europe. Our predictions are interesting for both beginners and advanced soccer fans. Especially for Premier league which are difficult to predict. Thus, other leagues such as the German Bundesliga, La Liga and Italian Serie A are also considered as one of the hardest championships for a football prediction. A uniformly optimized analysis, however, leads across leagues to very good results. This also means that our analyses of individual encounters are not a cheap copy. Because our experienced sports betting experts invest a lot of time to give you the best predictions after an intensive research. A little look behind the scenes of our daily free games will tell you.

Analysis criteria

Every sports betting forecast or tips on will give you a well-structured overview by finding all the important information about each game. Our editors provide you with all important facts at a glance. An analysis is always based on certain criteria - these are for example:

  • Where are the teams currently in the table?
  • How many points do you have there?
  • What is the shape of the two teams?
  • How much do you usually play at home or away?
  • Which series are currently valid for the teams?
  • Are there any remarkable statistics?

Afterwards, our betting pros check out the direct duels and look for statistics worth mentioning. How well or poorly did a team go down against their opponents in the past? Were there any abnormalities? At the end of these analyses, our betting editors will design the best forecasts.

They also mention the conclusions of their analysis and explain, among other things, why they consider a bet particularly recommendable. They also point out what you should pay attention to. If a sure game is particularly in the focus of the public, we expand the scope of analysis and give even more detailed information.

We also consider the environment and look for the tactics, investigate failures or look, Whether the coach was recently in the line of fire or the fans are particularly dissatisfied. If important key players fall out who could decide the outcome of the game, of course this will also be taken up.

There is a lot of work and time behind every single forecast. And a lot of tendencies, statistics and balance sheets. Check our pages regularly so that you do not miss this important information. No matter how risky to type: on our portal you will find information and individuality! so that you do not miss this important information.

How does a good football forecast come about?

today soccer prediction

A football forecast does not always have to be based on a result such as a draw, win or lose. It can also be placed over / under bets, correct score or handicap bets - sometimes that makes even more sense. However, it is always important to have a lucrative odds ratio. Which bookmaker offers the best bet option. In our case, we highly bet9ja, 1xbet, Nairabet and betway. You can find out more bookies in our bookmaker comparison.

A bet on a favourite, such as the FC Bayern Munich, when this runs in the home stadium, is usually nonsensical in terms of technology. Our editors will show you the most meaningful forecasts or sure soccer predictions and the best bet options for the matches.

In our football analysis, not only the current table positions/holders are included, because not always the first of the table is the favourite. Our experts will also look at the shape of the team before they make their prediction for football betting. In addition, the respective home and away strengths and the last results of the encounters are included.

A rule of thumb says that derbies are different. The same applies to cup games like the Champions league and European League. In addition, our team of experts researched in the statistics of the actors. For example, are important players injured or suspended for the game? Or is the trainer sparing his service providers, because there will be a more important game in the near future? All this information and details can be found in our today's match predictions page.

How to Bet Football Predictions?

There are millions of experts in the football sector. Because every fan is also an ambitious coach of his favourite team. However, it is also obvious that many fans then fail in the subject of betting and are unable to implement their football knowledge accordingly. It's not always your own betting forecasts, it's just reality. Even favourites can suffer a defeat.

Mostly, however, it is due to the lack of knowledge of Tipper, because in order to successfully bring a football bet in the profit, a current soccer prediction is required. Without a good betting strategy, you cannot make a profit in the long term. That's why you can always get a current sure win football predictions on

In addition, here you will find many tips around the topic of real bets. If you follow our betting predictions, you can earn profits in the long term. Our betting experience shows that blind betting is rarely successful financially. If you only place your bets indiscriminately - because you may have found a supposedly good sure 2, 5, or 10 odds - you will forcibly collect casualties. The football expertise is one of the most important prerequisites to be able to make a correct football prediction.

Most Nigerian football fans are still in a good position to judge the matches of the Premiere league or individual games in a World Cup. But when it comes to other European leagues, most of the expertise is missing for predicting football. In addition, our pages offer you information about a helpful today's match predictions strategy.

For which leagues does provide analyses?

Our experts from analyse for you the matches of the England Premiere league and beyond that the games of the Italian Seria A, German Bundesliga, Spanish League (LA LIGA), France Ligue 1, Europa League and Champions League. If there are European or even World Championships, we also dare to take a look outside the box. Then the arguments of other European teams are included in our tips. But a football prediction is only of little use if the football bet has not been placed with a reputable sportsbook provider with the corresponding security. Therefore, our team has searched for the best online bookmakers for you and presents them in a detailed test.

We examine the strengths and weaknesses of the bookmakers and examine the betting offer - not every bookmaker can also serve with a large betting portfolio for the sure win football predictions. Although almost every bookmaker has the top games of the big leagues from Germany, England, Italy and Spain on offer, but the offers are vastly different.

Some bookmakers offer only the 1st and 2nd Leagues, others, however, expand their betting offer also on amateur and regional leagues. Not to forget the category betting bonus.

In our sportsbook bonus comparison, you will find the bookmaker who offers his customers the best welcome gift in the form of a deposit bonus like bet9ja. Again, there are huge differences, because the design of the bonuses is quite different. Not all bonuses are really useful. On our pages you will find all the necessary information. But the offers differ enormously.

Other important criteria for your risk-free sports betting start are the payment methods. For example, does the bookie offer bets via PayPal or bank transfer? And do they have a sports betting license? All these facts we have compiled in our comparison for you and assessed neutral.

What is the best football predictions site?

Every day at Footballpredict, we collect more than 100 new selections of the best soccer matches around the world and also predictions from top predictions sites like zulubet, statarea, and predictz. Each prediction sometimes is generated by an automated system (free games mostly) for calculating the statistics that our employees have entered.

The algorithm used is able to auto-program with the new statistics after each football match. In this way, the tendency is always to improve the efficiency of the algorithm itself. The members of the drafting will not intervene manually in any way about the result of the algorithm, although the predictions generated were unlikely.

User ratings for individual games are used to generate a forecast based on user choices. This way you have the option to bet the Footballpredict odds or user selections.

Recall that Footballpredict is a site for advice on the results of today football match prediction banker, we do not have a crystal ball to predict the future, whose sole objective is to make calculations and simulate what could be the result of soccer matches. The bet is a game, they do it with moderation, and above all respect the laws about the game in their country of origin.

Soccer Prediction Systematically - Tips and Tricks

One thing is certain: Correct score, Sure Bets, bet sure are only successful in the long term if the tipster does not place his bet on his stomach, but has the necessary specialist knowledge and has a plan for the tip.

Below we have summarized the ten most important tips and tricks for surebet prediction. These tips are mainly aimed at players who not only want to experience fun and excitement but also want to win one or the other Euro with their bet. Because a recreational player, who is only interested in betting on his favourite team, makes the tip for the most part just because of the fun. It’s more like a banker bet.

Tip 1: Build bankroll

Before the first bet is placed, first of all the financial situation has to be determined: In general, in sports betting only the money that the budget has over should be invested. On the other hand, you should never bet with money that is needed for food or other urgent things. This also makes the difference to a professional weather, because this generates his income with his profits and therefore follows strict strategies and tips.

Therefore, our first tip, which we give players on the way to a successful weather, is to set the individual bankroll first. You can use this trick even with betensured, victor prediction or solo predict. The term actually comes from stock trading and states that enough seed capital must be available. How high the bankroll actually is, that is different and is also because of which goal the friend of the sport bet pursues. Who makes his living with sports betting, will certainly need a higher entry fee than 100 € (41488.79 Naira), others, however, come out with it.

Tip 2: Specify concrete money management

Our second tip actually comes from the securities trading, because building on the seed capital, a money management must be set. This budget should take into account a longer window of at least three months. Thereafter, a first smaller interim balance is drawn and the plan for the next few months set. On the other hand, if you only bet with smaller amounts, then a first time window of four weeks is enough to set up a meaningful plan. Money Management determines how high the average wager per bet is. There are also limits fixed how much a player is allowed to gamble at most per day or week. No matter how the bets turn out: this limit is strictly adhered to!

Generally, the rule of thumb is that never more than 2-5% of the bankroll should be invested in bets. Riskier and therefore higher wages are not recommended. All bets must be kept in the same book. Similar to a revenue-surplus bill, it is also written down exactly how much income is going towards which expenditure. This is an ideal way to evaluate the tips. Because with these records, the player can see in which betting markets he can predict very well and where, however, mistakes always include. This makes it possible to refine your own betting strategy even more.

Tip 3: do not use mathematical systems

Sometimes friends of sports betting really panic when they are having a bad luck. In order to make up for the loss, it is then resorted to strange betting systems, such as doubling the bet. But such systems, which often come from stock trading, have lost nothing in football bets. Because unlike stocks, the player has a big impact on whether his tip is successful or not. Only with the necessary research and analysis can he determine the strength of the teams. From this realization results also our fourth tip.

Tip 4: keep your knowledge up to date

In a sports bet, the customer always attacks the bookmaker. The betting provider always has an advantage, because they set not only his profit margin, but also the quota. For this purpose, the bookmaker uses its own statistics and can also see, among other things, how his other customers assess the encounter by looking at their bets exactly.

A player can only win against the bookmaker if he has the necessary specialist knowledge and even better: has more information than the bookmaker, for this reason, experts also recommend bets on teams and games in which the player is familiar only with soccer prediction site. For example, if important players are missing, are there favourite opponents or certain home strengths? Regional derbies have a very special character.

It is also very important to assess how valuable the game is. Is it just a friendship meeting? Or will there be a very important international game next week? In both cases, it may be that the trainer spares the important regulars and tries new tactics or even gives players the chance to compete who are new to the team. There are countless details that a successful Tipper pays attention to.

Since the bookmaker usually concentrates on the higher leagues, another tip is not to focus on the top leagues themselves, but also to research and analyse less important competitions. Because here there are great opportunities to beat the bookmaker with a good knowledge gain.

Tip 5: Avoid real-time bets

From our previous explanations, it quickly becomes clear how important the research and analysis work is. For that reason, we also recommend keeping your fingers off live betting. Although live betting is a lot of fun and worry for a certain kick, no professional player will place their tips on real-time bets. This has different reasons. On the one hand, the sure odds are significantly worse in comparison to the pre-match range, and thus the chance of winning drops accordingly.

Secondly, the decisions must be made within a few seconds. There is no time for research and analysis. It is not possible to think carefully whether the tip is worth it or not, because within a few seconds, the odds change again. For that reason, many bad decisions are made in live betting.

Tip 6: Balance Profit and Risk

Betting on the favourite win are promoted prominently on the home page by most bookmakers. But such bets are in a very poor ratio of profit to risk. After all, there are only low odds of a maximum of 1.15. No wonder that bookmakers like to advertise such tips. But tips on winning a favourite are very damaging to money management. Why this is the case is shown by the following example:

For the tip on a home win at odds of 1.05 - 1.15, the player is already mathematically in the minus, if there are only three draws in 17 matches. At a quota of 1.1 for the victory of Bayern and a bet of ten euros, for example, there are only two euros’ net profit. With 14 victories of the season, the tips give a net profit of € 28, while three lost tickets with defeats yield a loss of € 30. Thus, of 17 bets 15 should be typed correctly, just so that a net profit of one euro is achieved. And we have not yet calculated the 5% betting tax, which is usually deducted!

Tip 7: Search for a bookmaker with the best odds

Even if the differences in the odds among the various betting operators are not huge, even the smallest differences add up to three-digit sums in the course of a year. Nevertheless, still some tipper thinks, they could be careless here and give up a quota comparison. Here too we have created an example: with ten tips and a bet of 100 € with odds of 2.1 and alternatively 2.15 there is already a difference of 50 €:

  • 10 bets x 100 € x 2.1 = 2100 €
  • 10 bets x 100 € x 2.15 = 2150 €
  • Difference with only ten bets: 50 €

Thus, even the tiny difference in odds of 0.05 in ten bets adds up to € 50. Of course, the more bets and the bigger the wager, the bigger the difference. For that reason, players should always be registered with multiple betting providers in order to use our odds calculator effectively.

Tip 8: Prefer single bets

Combination bets are spurned by high rollers. There is a definite reason for this: although there are very lucrative profits for this, in the long run the risk outweighs it. Instead, professional players concentrate exclusively on single bets. This makes it possible to land in a very good profit zone in the long term.

Tip 9: Search bookmakers without betting tax

Another tip is to favour a bookmaker without a betting tax. The subject of betting tax is a hot topic among the German friends of sports betting. For players with residence in Germany are disadvantaged because they often have to pay 5% betting tax on their wagers or profits and customers from other countries do not.

Anyone who makes sure that the tax burden will be waived in the bookmaker's choice and at the same time the bookmaker offers a good quota level, will generate higher profits in the long term. However, it may also be that a bad rate at second glance then suddenly does not seem so bad, if it is taken into account that there is no tax deduction.

Tip 10: only use interesting bonus offers

The bonus is one thing that also provides for bipartite opinions. Because professionals know that not every bonus is actually worthwhile. After all, the bonus is not in vain and the bonuses are always tied to specific transhipment conditions. These not only have to be fulfilled and are sometimes very difficult, but at the same time the own money is tied, because prematurely no payout is possible. Nevertheless, a bonus increases the bankroll, which is why we recommend beginners then activate a bonus if the conditions are customer-friendly and fair.

Some football bet options - optimize chances of winning!

today football match prediction banker

The selection of betting opportunities at online betting providers is huge and especially newcomers can quickly lose track. For this reason, we would like to elaborate on the most important types of bets, such as Double Chance, Handicap / Asian Handicap, Over / Under and Long-term bets, we will also explain each type of bet in an easy-to-understand way.

Double Chance bets

A double chance bet is a very popular bet amongst tippers, although the odds can reduce significantly, but the probability of winning at least increased to 2/3 or 66.66%. The abbreviation for the Double Chance is DC or, depending on the bookmaker, individually.

In this type of bet, the weather completes a sports bet in which you bet on two outcomes of the bet, not just on win or lose as in a 2-way bet. Take as an example the friendly match between Spain and Germany. If, for example, you are not sure whether Spain, as the reigning European champion, can defeat the reigning World Champion Germany, you tap a double chance on Spain and thus include a possible draw in your bet. In other words, the bet covers both a victory for the Spaniards and a draw. In both results, you have won, only in a victory of the DFB-Elf your bet would be lost.

Handicap bets

In a handicap bet, the outsider receives a certain goal lead, which is usually marked with +1. The bigger the difference between the two teams, the bigger the handicap will be for the favourite. The handicap can also have more than 3 goals. The odds on a favourite win with handicap is higher than in a normal single bet and thus much more attractive.

Example of a handicap bet:
Bayern Munich - SC Paderborn : Handicap 0: 2

That means Paderborn will be credited with two goals in the first place. Let's assume that FCB wins 1-0. Due to the handicap, the actual relevant weather result is 1: 2. A tip on Paderborn would have won.

Asian handicap betting

In the field of sports betting, there are known to be an extremely wide variety of different types of bets. One of them is the Asian handicap bet, which comes from Asia and represents a risk-reduced variant of the 3-way bet. The big advantage of this bet is that in a draw or draw of the tip of the stake is paid again.

As the risk of loss is correspondingly reduced in this type of bet, the odds are, of course, correspondingly lower. This is mainly because only one result can lead to the loss of the wager. If you are interested in Asian Handicap bets, you should look at your bookmaker, because not every bookmaker still has this bet type in their program. Basically, Betway offers a variety of Asian Handicap betting options for almost every match.

Over / Under bets

In the over bet, you place a sports bet on the number of expected goals in an encounter. The most common bet is the number of over (more than) or under (less than) 2.5 goals. Thus, in an over-bet, all scores were covered in which more than 2.5 goals have fallen (for example, 2: 1, 3: 0, etc.). Meanwhile, there are different lines at the bookmakers, for example, over-bets are offered on more than 1.5 goals.

More than 3 goals are scored in a game encounter in a "Over 2.5 Goals" game. Examples of a "Over 2.5" bet are results such as 3: 0, 4: 1, 2: 2, 2: 1, 5: 0, etc.

In the under bet, you also place a sports bet on the number of bets expected goals and here is the most common line at 2.5 gates. This means that in a sub-bet covered all scores in which less than 2.5 goals have fallen (0: 0, 1: 0, 0: 1, 1: 1, 2: 0, 0: 2). Also in terms of sub-betting, the bookmakers have upgraded and now offer various lines, for example, to 1.5 goals. Hereby you bet that in the whole game no more than 2 goals will be scored.

For both variants (over / under) the scored goals count after 90 minutes.

Long term bets

A long-term bet deals with sporting events where the winner is not decided within a day or in the immediate future, but only after the end of a season / championship or tournament. So, at the start of the season, you're tapping on the potential champion on Matchday 34 or on the new Formula 1 World Champion after the last race. It should be noted that in the course of the championship, the odds can change accordingly. If Bayern Munich lose the first four games, the rate will move up accordingly. The probability of winning the championship is lower.

Examples of long-term bets: You type the future Formula One World Champion, the winner of the Tour de France, the winner of the Four Hills Tournament.

Who are the currently best bookmakers for the different types of bets?


Bet9ja is one of the first ports of call for all kinds of sports weather, as the bookmaker has built a very reputable reputation over the years and has never been noticed negatively. In the meantime, British bookie has even become the absolute market leader. The biggest strengths include fast deposits and withdrawals, an extremely extensive betting offer (including countless live betting and live streams) and probably the best new customer bonus on the market. Bet9ja is definitely our top recommendation.


In 1xbet is one of the newest faces on the market of the bookmaker. The bookmaker was founded in 2011 and is therefore still "hot new". In addition, the betting odds that can be found at the Bookie in more than 30 different sports are also current. The offer is always convincing, especially since more than 80 different betting options are usually offered per game. The matching odds for your own tip is therefore also very likely to be there. Especially the young bookmaker from Malta can convince with his welcome bonus. A whopping 160 euros are possible for new customers if they register a betting account with the provider.


Nairabet is one of the oldest bookmakers (founded in 2009) and has long been one of the mainstays on the market. The company is based in Nigeria, and the provider is not only convinced online with the highest level of professionalism at all levels, but above all with a state-of-the-art website and outstanding customer service that is absolutely exemplary. All in all, Nairabet stands out above all through the design. A well-structured homepage with all sorts of useful information that is clearly presented. There is nothing to criticize about the betting offer and Nairabet definitely counts among the most serious betting providers on the internet.


Merrybet has earned a good reputation in the sports betting sector and deservedly made a good name. From the presentation and service, the online bookmaker is absolutely great. Merrybet can be recommended by us with a clear conscience.

Sure bet

Sure bet is a renowned and always well visited online bookmaker in Nigeria. The Nigerian Bookie now has over 1 million registered members and is already one of the betting giants. Special highlights of the online bookmaker certainly have to offer. In addition to the current bets, there is a calendar bonus for the members. Here, prices up to 120,000 euros are raffled. A really exciting offer for frequent players, because the higher the turnover, the higher the chance of a good bonus. Sure bet 247  does not have to hide behind online bookmaker sizes.