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Predicting La Liga matches

Prediction on La Liga, or the Primera División, lets you feel the excitement of the crazy Spanish competition! What is possible in terms of betting and who will be the champion of Spain?

Betting on football gives you a choice of hundreds of possibilities. On this page you can read everything about La Liga - from tips for the lowest odds up to winning with combined bets!

La Liga bets

In your opinion, the battle in Spain has been going on for decades between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. And admittedly, together with 57 of the 88 titles, they are doing very well. Real Madrid has 33 titles, FC Barcelona 24.

But sometimes there is a strong club in between, like Valencia at the beginning of this century. And in 2013/14 the title went to the impressive Atlético Madrid, which also won the Europa League twice under Diego Simeone.

In La Liga it is of course fun to play at FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, but often they get low odds on winnings. Also take a look at the lower and middle positions. There are nice clubs like Valencia, Villarreal and Betis Sevilla. Make a prediction and bet with an online bookmaker.

Betting on La Liga football can not only give you an extra experience but also a lot of money! And not only with predictions at the top clubs - if you play it conveniently, you can greatly increase your chances of winning.

Prediction options for the Spanish League

For betting on La Liga, and football in general, there are incredible possibilities. Look further than just the straight wins and draws - there is so much more... You can predict the number of goals, but also with Asian handicaps and accas you can find great value for your La Liga predictions. In this guide you will find an explanation of the different types of soccer predictions.

A nice bet option for the Spanish league is often the winner's bet. Because besides betting on a goalscorer, bookmakers also give you the chance to combine that with the overall result. A win from FC Barcelona with a goal from Lionel Messi already delivers a bit more than just betting on Barcelona's winnings. Spanish teams often have one central striker to make the goals. Take a look at other clubs, like Athletic Bilbao or Villarreal.

Increase your profit

If you think there is little profit to be made in low odds matches, then you are wrong. In case a single bet is not so lucrative, there is always the possibility to combine such matches into a multiple bet. With a combo bet you can create value yourself. After all, the odds are multiplied by each other. For example, two odds of 1.40 give a value of 1.96 in a combination bet. For instance, bet on a win for FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, to boost your profit.

Where can you bet on La Liga?

La Liga predictions are made online at a bookmaker such as bet9ja. The time has passed when you are fiddling with a football form at the shop - you do that at home or on the go on your mobile, tablet or PC.

The Nigerian players are currently best off at bookmaker Bet9ja. This bookie has dozens of possibilities for betting on football and also has outstanding odds.

For betting on La Liga there are hundreds of weekly bets available per game. Just after the end of a round of play, the bets are usually not all available, but a few days before the next round of play, they are all available.

And what can you bet on? This varies from predicting the exact score to the number of cards, the score at half-time and goal scorers. And there are many different methods of betting. Try betting with an Asian handicap and see what that does to your potential win.....

Betting on Spanish League

Betting on La Liga is easy. Just create an account with a bookmaker and you're ready to go. Search by the event or match you want to gamble on and choose from one of the many sports bets. You'll find the odds for every game. That is (per money wagered) the amount that is paid out when you win a bet.

Found a La Liga bet you like? Click on the listing and the game analysis will appear on the screen. You can do this for several matches. Indicate what you want to bet and confirm your bet. All other betting will now continue automatically. You can read more about this in the manual betting on sports. Also check betting on football World Cup - the top players from the Spanish league is often among the favorites in international tournaments.

Predictions Of La Liga 2018 - 2019

How are things going this La Liga season? Will FC Barcelona extend the title, or will Real Madrid (without Ronaldo) come back?  Make sure to use the football predictions of our experts and also read the forecasts of the biggest bettors to make profitable La Liga predictions! Of course, this is not only true for Spanish football, betting on the Jupiler Pro League and other competitions can be just as profitable...

If you're looking for more excitement, bet on a whole series of matches or predict the number of yellow or red cards and the season's top scorer. The bookmakers offer you numerous betting options and we'll beat your best bets.

Keep an eye on the promotions of the bookmakers. By taking advantage of specials and boosted odds, you can get even more out of your bet.

Important League statistics

Since the 2009-2010 seasons, 30% of the games are won by the team playing at home, starting from half. This percentage is higher than that of its European counterparts. A bet half-time/final result with a lead and victory for the home team is very interesting with a high quote.

Athletic Bilbao never dropped to the second division since the existence of the League. And since four seasons, Real Madrid and Barcelona have scored an average of more than 2.5 goals per match throughout the season. Betting on thrilling matches when one of those two teams is playing is a good idea to get a nice money box little by little.

What is important for betting on the League?

The Spanish league has a Big Two: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Those two teams are very often in the first two places and fight almost every year for the title. Behind these two giants we also have other teams that we often see in the first half of the classification: Atletico Madrid, Real Sociedad, Valencia, Malaga, FC Sévilla. According to the seasons, there are 2 to 3 of those teams present in the European cups. Since three seasons in a row, there is only one promoted team that has to go back to the second division immediately. This proofs that the teams of the second half of the ranking possess a reasonably homogeneous quality.

General presentation

The Liga BBVA (full name) is the highest Spanish football league. Just like the other major European championships, the League has 20 teams. The League's 20 teams play twice against all other teams (home and back matches) and at the end of the season, the team with the most points is the new Spanish champion. The first three teams qualify for the Champions League and the number four must first play a qualifier. The five qualifies for the Europa League and the sixth tries to win its place thanks to the third preliminary round. The bottom three gets relegated to the Segunda División A (the second Spanish division). The ranking is determined by the following criteria: : the number of points, the goal difference, the number of goals scored, the best attack. If two teams are equal, they also use the following criteria: The number of points won when they played against each other, the best attack to their place in the UEFA rankings.

Statistics - all of our La Liga predictions and forecasts are exclusively based on historical statistics and results. Our team has collected all matches, results, goals, points from the last few years from the La Liga. Using a self-designed internal analysis system, we can accurately analyse the possible results of a match.

For this process it is therefore very important to collect as much data as possible.

Reading these data and categories correctly is very important. This allows us to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of a team.  For example, a La liga football team that scores 5 times on the move will have a higher star rating than a team that scores only once.

We are currently analysing the 5 biggest European leagues: Premier League from England, Ligue 1 from France, Bundesliga from Germany, La Liga from Spain and Serie A from Italy.  As we optimize our bet9ja football tips and predictions, we will only expand this over the coming years.

From 5 different European leagues we offer you 3 different predictions per matchday. 

These are:

  • 1 X 2 = who wins the match
  • BTTS = both teams to score YES or NO
  • About 2.5 goals = more than 2.5 goals are scored YES or NO

These are the 3 largest options on which most gamblers bet their money, and we focus on it for you. I would also like to explain to you how we can analyze and predict the outcome in these 3 options for you each time.

So in general we need to determine who has the best chance of winning. The outcome of our analysis will be done in percentages. The team with the highest percentage therefore has the best chance of winning the match. But it can also become a draw if this result has the highest percentage.

We are going to determine both La Liga teams' attack and defensive power. So we will calculate for both teams how strong they are in the attack and how good their defense is. 

We do this on the basis of both their performance and their games already played. To be able to analyse this, it is very important to look at the state of the team in the La Liga ranking. Also their ranking when they play at home and away.

Then we look at the number of goals they have scored at home and away.

How many matches they have played exactly, both at home and out. We compare this against all the other teams in the league. This allows us to determine the attack and defense strength of all teams, both at home and out.

This analysis is converted into percentages so that it is easy to read and understand which leads us a more quality and refined Spanish la liga prediction.

Live betting on La Liga

Last but not the least: live betting on La Liga is very interesting! Live betting means that you can bet during the game and therefore much better assess how things are going. You can quickly estimate and determine the best moment to bet - then you can earn a lot. Live betting is very fast and makes the games very exciting!