Serie A football predictions and forecasts

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Predicting Serie A Matches

The Italian Serie A has a special place in the hearts of football fans especially here in Nigeria, mainly due to the successes of some Nigerian players. That is why betting on Serie A is still very popular. It is a competition that offers ten games in every round which are always exciting because the strengths of the teams are not very different.

Therefore, there is always a lot to win or lose. If you have a lot of knowledge of the competition and also a dose of guts, you can quickly make some very good hits here.

The past

Predicting the Serie A is partly based on sentiment. Many Nigerian fans have good memories of the past. For example, the golden times of AC Milan. Back then Marco van Basten and Ruud Gullit played there. Later, there was a period in which Clarence Seedorf was very successful at the club. Edgar Davids has attracted many Dutch fans for Juventus with his game. It is no coincidence that these are also two of the largest clubs in the country, both with a rich history that is still being expanded. That's why it remains interesting to follow.

The current competition

However, predicting the Serie A bet is of course a matter of the current competition. Besides AC Milan and Juventus, 18 teams can still be found in this competition today. That also means that there are 10 matches to predict on every round. It can sometimes seem as if the differences in strength are very big, but the opposite is true. The small teams that have climbed into the league in recent years often make it very difficult for the large teams that have dominated for years. Moreover, players and coaches in Italy often change clubs, which means that the proportions are different every year.

The concept

Prediction on Serie A can go a bit further than just choosing the champion. Because it belongs to one of the big leagues of Europe, there are also three other clubs that qualify for the Champions League at the end of the season. These are the numbers 2 to 4 in the final ranking. Because there are always seven or eight clubs eligible, the battle is hard. That goes exactly the same at the bottom. There are three or four relegates who drop to Serie B. Here too, eight clubs are eligible. So betting on this too is exciting.

Defensive league

Italy is known as the country where defending is elevated to art. It is also the country where the catenaccio tactic was invented. Therefore, matters related to Serie A betting such as betting on the top scorer or betting on specific results are also difficult and challenging bets to accept. Scoring is simply not that easy in this country because the defenders and goalkeepers are top level. However, this is also a reason why the competition often remains exciting until the end on several fronts. So don't underestimate this when you start betting.

Countless possibilities

When it comes to predicting the Serie A, there are countless other possibilities than just betting on the matches in advance or live betting. Also betting on the champion, the top scorer, or on specific events such as the number of goals or yellow cards in a match can be fun things to start betting on. Moreover, this is a field in which you can distinguish yourself as a connoisseur. This makes it the ideal way for many fans to earn some extra money. Especially because there are often special offers offered by bookmakers such as bet9ja.

Tips for Predicting the Italian league - updated daily

Serie A is in line with the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga and the Spanish LA Liga. This means that a bettor like you has endless betting possibilities in front of your screen. The best online bookmakers offer at least 200 bets per round on Italian matches. You can not only bet on victory, draw or defeat, but also various other types of bets, such as handicap, over, who scores the first goal, the exact result, the number of corners, as well as yellow and red cards, in short, there is really something for everyone.

Since Serie A is one of the bookmakers' favorite leagues, the odds of betting are high. On average, the odds are estimated to be around 95%. Market leaders offer even higher odds. The best payouts offer percentages between 97% and 98%, and are not as rare as you might think. Moreover, those who bet on the Italian championship, do so with a real passion, as if it were a job. If you want an almost predictable prediction, the next winner of the Italian championship, could be once again Juventus. However, since this year's championship is more balanced, this forecast is not as obvious as in the past.

How to best predictions on the Italian Serie A

Anyone who wants to bet on the main Italian league, before throwing himself into the fray, should consider each match and perform a detailed analysis of the match. The team playing at home is taken into consideration, then any training problems, disqualifications, injuries and so on are analysed. Before the players step onto the pitch on Sunday, many things happen during the week, which can steer a match in one direction or the other. Analysing all these things allows you to make a much more "right" prediction. Here are three simple tips that you should keep in mind when betting/predicting Italian football:

  1. Goals under - a misunderstanding: many see Italian football as a very defensive football, where the most frequent results are 0 to 0 or 1 to 0. However, this is a misunderstanding. The statistics show that Italian football has changed and today you can see many more goals than once in the matches. So over is much more likely.
  2. The derby and their special character: the derbies between AC Milan and Inter Milan, as well as between Rome and Lazio, have a special character, because the home games of the teams are played in the same stadium, so it is difficult to predict the victory of a team, just because it plays within the walls of friends. Despite the fact that they no longer play in the same stadium, even the bets between Juventus and Turin are not as simple as a real derby.
  3. The intelligence of relying on single bets: if you want to follow a winning strategy and bet on Italian football to raise the profits in your wallet, you need to use an intelligent strategy. Betting on individual events, statistically, offers more chances of winning.

Winners of the last ten Serie A championships

To give you a quick overview of who dominates the football championship in Italy, we have brought together the last ten winners of the Italian championship. You can use these statistics as suggestions for Serie A predictions on the winner of the next championship.

  • 2007/08: Inter Milan
  • 2008/09: Inter Milan
  • 2009/10: Inter Milan
  • 2010/11: AC Milan
  • 2011/12: Juventus
  • 2012/13: Juventus
  • 2013/14: Juventus
  • 2014/15: Juventus
  • 2015/16: Juventus
  • 2016/17: Juventus

The last few years have been a clear prerogative of the "Old Lady". But there is at least one team that every year struggles point to point with the team of Turin, in an attempt to blow the title, we are talking about Naples. Also this year, in spite of the arrival of CR7 in the HCL team, the Azzurri will try to blow the title, leveraging on their champion: Carlo Ancelotti - the King of Cups.

Juventus is also the team that has won the highest number of Serie A championships: 33 times. In this special classification, the two Milanese clubs follow with 18 titles each. Then there are in order: AS Roma (3), Lazio (2) and SSC Napoli (2). However, historical clubs such as Genoa, Turin and Bologna have several titles as winners of the Italian championship.